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THE CENTER of Englewood is a wholistic community resource center in the heart of the neighborhood. In 2019 nine organizations fighting injustices experienced here partnered together to move into what once was the May Elementary School. During the massive CPS school closing in 2016, May Elementary was left vacant for biding. Shepherd's Hope, a small food pantry and feeding center operating out of a residential bungalow, had a vision for the space. After purchasing the building, the nine organizations met and figured out how to provide a wide range of services in this much-needed location.


THE CENTER of Englewood now consists of a feeding center, food pantry, medical clinic, affordable day-care, various youth programs, and ministries. The programming is only growing too! Our mission is to look at the scope of violence Englewood experiences in its many forms. Whether it be food insecurity, public health problems, or physical violence in the neighborhood, THE CENTER strives to provide sustainable and effective sources of healing for our community members. 

For more information on the history and mission of each unique organization visit our WHAT WE DO page above.

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