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MY STORY: Daniel - SH volunteer

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Daniel shares his journey with Shepherd's Hope, as well as a few pieces of wisdom he has gained from his walk of faith:

Daniel has been volunteering with Shepherd's Hope for years! His love for the community and his faith had inspires him to champion THE CENTER's mission and be a part of the impact we aim to make.

“When all is said and done, and the smoke clears, He is going to be happy that we’re here making people happy”

"Faith without action is worthless"

- CEO of THE CENTER, Brian Anderson, says while tying the shoes of kindergartener, Dayday.

This little one was not able to receive rides to school and - like they say - it takes a village. Especially a community of people ready to take action for the betterment of Englewood. People that will extend a hand when a child needs a ride to school, someone needs help paying their gas bill, or even providing food to the underresourced.

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