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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Mary gives her testimony...

“They didn't just meet your physical needs of when you wanted to eat... They met your spiritual needs”

Mary talks about her experience of having people on site to minister to her. Shepherd's Hope makes it a priority to foster connectedness and emotional support along side their anti-hunger programs.

Emotional/Mental Health services are in high demand in Chicago, and can't reach the volume of residence who desperately need this sort of programing. These services are even more scares in low income neighborhood, such as Englewood, due to lack of public funding and inability to afford private therapy and other out-of-pocket treatments. While Shepherd's Hope is not a Mental Health clinic; the staff aim to create a space for prayer, vulnerable conversations, and community support. It is their believe that this is the foundation of hope and spiritual growth. Countless Englewood residents have received comfort and ministering through Shepherd's Hope.

Here at THE CENTER, we love watching seeds of inspiration get planted by this organization.

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